Mahasin’s Vision

Reliability: The public must have confidence in the Clerk’s Office because properly maintained court records are essential to a functional judicial system. I will promote confidence in the Clerk’s Office by ensuring the public can rely on the Clerk to timely process and maintain accurate court records. 

Efficiency: Maryland’s electronic filing and case management system (MDEC) is coming to Prince George’s County and I am ready! As a practicing attorney I have been using MDEC for over two years and I am excited to help Prince George’s County transition to MDEC. Once the transition to MDEC is complete, the Clerk’s Office’s daily operations will be more efficient. 

Customer Service: The Clerk’s Office is often the first and last point of contact the public has with the Circuit Court. It is important that each encounter with the Clerk’s Office is exceptional regardless of the matter. I will assure the Clerk’s Office offers topnotch customer service to every person that interacts with the Office.